Born in 1917 and adopted in 1919 in North Dakota, Henrietta learned all about her birth parents and extended family in 2015. There was a special reunion in Washington State. It's never too late to unravel the mysteries.

About American dream GENEALOGY and RESEARCH

Artifacts like photos and envelopes can help piece family stories together. What photos or items do you treasure that provide clues to your unique family history? 

The American Dream drew millions of success seekers to the United States. Still, many

of us haven't known about our own family's American Dream story because we've been

working hard creating our own.

Family comes first. Is it time for you to discover and reclaim your family's American

Dream for yourself and your children? Do you have a fully-developed, documented 

family tree?

*You may have missed knowing about living relatives.

*You may have missed family reunions where part of

the story was being revealed.

*You may have missed enhanced travel opportunities

on family vacations or business travel when you were

in cities where ancestors once lived

*You may have missed helping your children understand

the family's past because you simply didn't know about it yourself.


American Dream Genealogy and Research invests the energy, time, effort, and

professional expertise necessary to document your family's fascinating journey.

For more information about options for family history discovery, please contact  (*Research related to historic preservation,  journalism, politics, and presidential library archives is also available.)